Halal Certification Services (EU) Participating In Anuga FoodTec In Cologne, Germany

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Halal Certification Services (HCS) is excited to announce our participation in Anuga FoodTec 2024, the premier global platform for groundbreaking concepts and innovations in the food and beverage sector. Join us in Cologne from March 19-22, as we explore the latest in food safety, production technologies, and now, environmental technology and energy solutions. Discover how HCS can support your business in embracing these advancements and securing your place in the halal market.

What is halal certification?

Halal certification is a process that ensures that food and beverage products comply with Islamic dietary laws. Halal products must be free of pork, alcohol, and other forbidden substances. They must also be prepared in a hygienic and ethical manner.

Why is halal certification important?

The global halal market is estimated to be worth over $2 trillion, and it is growing rapidly. Halal certification is important for businesses that want to access this growing market. It is also important for businesses that want to build trust with their Muslim customers.

Why choose HCS for your halal certification needs?

HCS is a leading provider of halal certification services in Europe. We have a team of experienced and qualified auditors who are experts in Islamic dietary laws. We offer a wide range of halal certification services, and we can tailor our services to meet your specific needs.

Visit us at Anuga FoodTec - international in Italy

We would love to meet you at Angua FoodTec in Cologne, Germany to discuss your halal certification needs.

Please visit us at Stand Boulevard A019. We look forward to seeing you there!

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